Friday, November 01, 2013

Boorito 2013

My family has visited Chipotle on Halloween for the past 5 years as they offer great discounts and donate proceeds to worthwhile causes.  The first couple of years the task was to dress up as a burrito for a free burrito.  This meant putting foil on your head.  The kids got a kick out of this. 

In 2010, the promotion was to dress up as a processed food.  We ended up dressing as 2 little chicken nuggets, fries and a shake.  The intent was to highlight the horrors of processed foods. 

In 2011, the promotion was to dress up as a farmer.  This was pretty easy also and amounted to creative bandana tying.

The past couple of years have not had a theme, but Chipotle is still collecting proceeds in terms of $2 and this year $3 entrees for showing up dressed in costume.

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