Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have recently discovered

Don't be thrown off by the title.  Most of the topics are not gender unique.  Men and women can be better off by investigating topics of etiquette, health, and family.

The introducing link was from another blogger and the topic was a decision matrix based on the importance and urgency of tasks.  Too often we spend our time on unimportant but urgent tasks and never truly achieve anything.  Backing up a step, it became evident that I don’t have a life plan or even a good sense of what is important to me.  It is easy to say kids, spouse, and work are important to me, but I don’t have any specific goals in any of my roles as a father, husband or employee.  In fact all of my goals for 2013 were lifestyle adjustments to instill weight loss and discipline.  I did not succeed in many of these habits.

Even if I were to prattle off my current goals, most of them would center upon health and fitness.  If my family is truly important to me, what 5 actions can I take today to improve my success in my role as a father?

  1. Take them to the temple on Saturday night
  2. Plan a nutritious dinner for Friday night
  3. Play a board game with them tonight
  4. Clean their rooms with them this weekend
  5. Take them to Home Depot for the kids workshop

Those may seem mundane and uninspired, but it is even more challenging to come up with a list for my role as a husband.

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