Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spring Training

I was trying to come up with a catchy blog topic, but nothing is coming to mind.  Everything feels like it has been on autopilot to some degree.  In light of that, I thought I would provide a training snap shot.

Swim – I continue to swim with Jeffco Aquatic Masters about twice a week for 3000-3500 yards total.  We recently ordered swim caps which is pretty exciting.

Bike – I have been training entirely via Trainerroad which I love.  The workouts are tough and I feel like I am getting stronger.  My plan calls for three rides per week and I can usually get in two of them.

Run – I have been participating more in run groups, attending a couple with Endurance House and Road Runner Sports.  I also did my first race of the year.  It was a blustery 4M run courtesy of 3W Races on March 1st.  Besides the snowpocalypse conditions, everything else was great.  I should definitely keep an insulated water bottle at the finish line for cold weather events.  I am still representing 3W as a race ambassador.

Strength Training – I have been pretty good about hitting the weights twice a week.  I usually do upper body one day and legs and arms on a second day.  My best bench press was 185 lb for 1 rep on Feb 11 and by best squat was 155 lb for 6 reps on Feb 21.

Stretching – As of Feb 25th, I started a new stretching routine.  It is a series of about 20 different stretches with some incorporating a stretch band.  Hopefully I will see a payoff in 4 weeks.  My baseline lower body toe touch was 11.25 (not sure what the units were).

Triathlon – I have not done any specific training, but have been very active with the Arvada Triathlon Club in terms of arranging speaker and various administrative tasks.  I like having a local club and have met some pretty great people through being involved.

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Bob the runner said...

You are a busy guy Steve! You inspired me to do some weight training yesterday. I haven't done any in several months. I'm sore today but it's a good sore.