Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I last posted on trainer road back in January.  Over the past two months, I have been cranking through the Intermediate Base II workouts.  This is a low volume series of workouts with 3 rides per week.  I have really come to enjoy training based on virtual power on my Travel Trac.  The workouts are tough.  Here is a snapshot from this morning’s ride:

As you can see, I was struggling to hold the target power profile. 

For the sake of argument, I am going to jump into the 40KTime Trial Low Volume training plan.  This would have me peaking in mid June, which is too late for my April duathlon and too early for my August triathlon.  Given the uncertainty in my schedule, I will most likely take 16 weeks to finish the 12 week plan which is alright by me.  I am also uncertain as to how much time I will be riding outdoors.  Hopefully more than I will be riding indoors and TrainerRoad will just be supplementing my workouts.

At $10/month, the price point is hard to beat.  I could also opt of the $99/year plan.  This is a pittance compared to what I have spent on cycling gear over my career.  $99 is roughly the price of tires/tubes for the season.

I am still a strong advocate for TrainerRoad and goal driven workouts.  However it is just plain fun to hop on the bike and ride.

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