Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer OPEN race plan

While I don’t always practice everything I preach, I did decide to put a race plan together for my first triathlon since 2010.  I will be providing a race report next week, so we will see how things went.

After arriving, picking up packet, and setting up transition, I intend to finish clif bar about 30 minutes before start and use the restroom.  Warm up with some light stretching and a quick jog and head out to the water to bob for 5 minutes before exiting for wave 1.  While waiting for my wave to go off, I will double-check goggles and Hydrotracker and take some deep breaths prior to swim.

I want to start on the inside lane in the middle of the field and go out very easy.  If feeling good at turn, try to settle into cruiser pace for the remaining 500 meters. Exit water when hands touch bottom, lift goggles, walk exit and then settle into a jog for 100 yards.  Lower top of wetsuit then remove gloves.  In transition remove bottoms, then booties, then swim cap goggles.  It would be nice to shut off Hydrotracker.

Put on jersey, jacket (if necessary), helmet, shoes, and Garmin.  Turn on Powertap.  Walk to mount line and mount 3 yards past mount line on the outside lane.  Gun it on the bike.  I am shooting for 48 minutes for 12.4 miles.  The plan is 16 mph for first 6.2 miles (23 minutes).  The plan is 15 mph for second 6.2 (25 minutes).  Hit split on the Garmin at turnaround and refuel with honey stinger.  Decide on gel when 1 mile from T2.
T2, strip off shoes, jacket, helmet, put on run socks and shoes, hit split on Garmin 305, jog out attaching race belt and visor (may stop at port-o-let).

Go out easy for mile 1 (10:30/mile) and then hit it after the small hill to the turnaround.  Get a quick splash of water and then shoot for 9:30 mile back to the finish line.

17 minutes swim
3 minutes T1
48 minutes bike
2 minutes T2
30 minute run
100 minutes (1:40 plan)

This will be a back of the pack finish and I will likely be passed by the wave behind me, however I do not expect to get passed much on the water.  If I am getting passed on the run, I want to stick with anybody in the last half mile.

Refuel with propel and another clif bar at the canopy.

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