Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wing Tips

Every now and again, I get motivated to dress a little nicer at work.  Typically, I will opt for jeans, knit or button down shirt, and running shoes.  Unfortunately, my jeans are starting to look a little beat up.  Further, my running shoes rotation is off.  Usually by the time my shoes start looking to haggard for work, I have a pair of running shoes with about 400 miles on them that can be demoted to everyday shoes.

Rather than buying a new pair of jeans and a new pair of running shoes, I opted to just start wearing my business casual clothes.

Since I have stepped up, I have been getting pretty lucky with shopping.  I came across some Gavin Chinos for $9 while I was trying to use up a Banana Republic gift card from my Mom.  After wearing them the first day with my Ecco capped toe derby shoes, I got into looking more professional.  Before too long, I was cycling through my half a dozen cotton pants and went so far as to pick up a pair of dark grey brushed cotton pants from Costco.  You can knock Costco if you want, but I have had some good success with their clothing.

While I love my black shoes, I don’t have a pair of brown shoes that I love.  My Johnson & Murphy plain toe derby shoes never fit quite right.  Lesson learned, if it doesn’t feel great out of the box, it never will.  My American Eagle square toe loafers are hopelessly out of style.  Finally my sketchers bicycle toe derby shoes are too casual for anything except jeans.  As I happened across a DSW coupon, I decided to go shoe shopping and grabbed a pair of Dockers wing tip derby shoes.  I have never considered myself a wing tip guy, but these are awesome.  It is just the right amount of flair and throw back styling I was in the mood for.  I can wear them with nearly anything, but I don’t have the confidence to wear them with jeans.  They are very comfortable.  Finally the price was right.

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