Monday, October 20, 2014

Family Bike Ride

This weekend we finally decided my 7 year old had outgrown her 16” bicycle.  With a little time on our hands and incredible weather, we headed out shopping and found a really cute 20” bicycle that she felt comfortable on.  In the spirit of upgrading, my 5 year old left her 12” bicycle to get the hand-me-down 16” bicycle.

On Sunday, I was kind of spent from a couple of workouts on Saturday and riding to the park as a family sounded like a great idea.  There are parks all over our neighborhood.  We started towards Woodrun Park, but that is only 0.5 miles away, so we ventured another 0.5 miles to Rainbow III Park.  This turned out to be a pretty good ride.  After playing for a while, instead of going home, we headed towards Rainbow 2 Park (better known as the Arvada Fireman’s Park).  This was a little more of a slog with some slight climbs over about 1.5 miles.  Surprisingly my 5 year old held up great.  After playing a little while, we decided to head for home.

This last mile was a little tougher.  The last half mile was a mix of riding and giving my daughter a push while running alongside her.

The weather was certainly too nice to not take advantage of.  As they develop some confidence in bike handling skills and being aware of traffic, I think riding could be a fun family activity for us.

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