Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Month

I just realized that it has been a month since I posted anything.  Part of that is nothing particularly interesting happened (although that could be said about a lot of my blog content).  I had a mediocre 10K on September 20th.  I had a very chilly dive on September 21st.  I took a business trip out to Santa Clara, but did not do any training. 

Looking forward, there is nothing particularly interesting on the horizon.  Ski season is still a ways off.  I have not signed up for any fall events.

One thing that has been occupying some mind share is Colorado Amendment 68 which would expand casino gaming to horse tracks which have been suffering financially.  Based on advertising this seems pretty contentious.  Proponents tout the increased tax revenues that will be earmarked for education.  Colorado still ranks 48th nationally in terms of funding for education.  Opponents stress vice and crime associated with gambling.  While it is hard to determine where the advertising budgets are coming from, I would argue current casino owners are opposing the measure, while horse track owners are supporting the measure.

Similar to the recreational use of marijuana, I see this as a wash.  People who enjoy casino gambling will have more opportunities to play.  Any additional tax revenues and jobs is obviously a good thing.  However, in all likelihood education funding will be cut somewhere else so the schools will not be any better off.

Being somewhat libertarian in nature, I am comfortable with Colorado’s lack of helmet laws, recreational marijuana use, and existing limited gaming.  I would be comfortable if gaming expanded.  I don’t expect to benefit if the amendment passes.  I don’t expect any loss if the amendment fails.

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