Thursday, November 06, 2014

Arduino Projects Book

I finally made it though the Arduino projects book.  My final projects were 13-15 (Touchy-feely Lamp, Tweak the Arduino Logo, and Hacking Buttons).  All of the circuits and coding were pretty simple, but they did introduce some new tools.   The graphics application from was particularly cool.

Overall the projects were very well outlined and took advantage of a number of input and output devices including piezos, photoresistors, potentiometers, pushbuttons, temperature sensors, tilt sensors, LEDs, Servo motors, DC motors, and LCDs.  The kit made life a lot easier by including wires, resistors, capacitors, diodes, and some simple integrated circuits.

In theory, I should be well poised to break out on my own and do great things with the Arduino.  At the very least, I can pat myself on the back for buying a cool toy, learning how to use it and finishing what I started.  A video of "Hack Buttons" is included below.  An optocoupler acts as the control for my simple LED circuit.

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