Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fitness Challenge

My workplace recently had a pretty fun fitness challenge.  The staff does a great job of changing things up and providing different themes to encourage physical activities.  I certainly applaud this, but I have never been a big fan of tracking hours to win prizes.  However this latest challenge was different.

Pull-ups, 1 rep max bench, 1 rep max squat, 1 mile run and number of crunches in 2 minutes.  The technical aspects were loose and participants were not matched head-to-head.  Simply any time during the month of September you would post your performance and people could try the activities as often as they wanted.  I was amazed at some of the performances.  The pull-up mark was close to 20.  Max bench and squat were both over 300 pounds.  The crunches were approaching 100.  I was expecting someone to turn in a sub 5 minute mile, but for the last bunch of corporate athletes, the best time was around 5:30.

I was really pleased with my own performance (7 pull-ups, 205 pound bench, 205 pound squat, 7:35 mile, and 53 crunches).  I tried a couple of times to improve my bench but could not.  In terms of pull-ups and crunches, I would have a hard time repeating the marks I set.  Whether or not the challenge is hosted next year, I intend to revisit these benchmarks next fall.

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