Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Passion Test, Attwood & Attwood

I became aware of “The Passion Test” via Power Camp, a leadership camp hosted around the country that is part executive training and part getting what you want.  I was getting hung up on knowing what I wanted and decided to delve into this body of knowledge to understand myself better.

The book is well written and the exercises are intuitive without the assistance of a coach.  In a nutshell, you list out things you are passionate about, whittle it down to the top 5, create markers of how you will recognize that state of being and then describe what it feels like to live in that state of being.

The stories are very inspirational and the lives of the authors certainly lend credence to their methodology.  The book is well researched and provides ample references for further study.  They draw from a variety of disciplines including spiritual and religious studies.  The variety is beneficial if you have a hang up with a particular discipline.

If you feel a sense of dissatisfaction in life and the universe is telling you it may be time for a change, this book is a great first step in that direction.  The recurring quote that I feel compelled to share is “What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.”  To paraphrase, the book emphasizes to know your passions and when faced with a decision, choose in favor of your passions.  These passions are certainly flexible and it is important to retake the passion test on a regular basis.

When my life is ideal, I am:
  1. Spiritually at peace
  2.  Enjoying time with my wife and kids
  3.  Fit and energetic
  4.  Designing/developing technologically innovative products
  5.  Trying some new activity or adventure

This or something better!

I am already seeing myself somewhat at odds with my list.  For some reason, I was really struggling to enjoy time with the kids this past weekend.  I found myself challenging them on how to do things and the importance of picking up after themselves.  I was not offering trust nor was I giving what I wanted to receive.  Recognizing that today is a big win for me and gives me an opportunity to do better tomorrow.

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