Monday, March 02, 2015

Crossfit Undeniable On Ramp Session 1

The first rule of crossfit, it you have to talk about crossfit.  I finally got around to starting my on ramp program that I purchased via Groupon last fall.  Arik led Kate, Ben and I through our introductory session.  The on ramp at Crossfit Undeniable is a month of  Monday, Wednesday Friday session to introduce new members to crossfit exercises before being thrown to the wolves.  We started with an introductory video and then started warming up.  Arm warm ups included 10 forward circles, backwards circles, crossing chest palms up, crossing chest palms down and then back pats.  We continued with lunge type stretches and a bear crawl.  We were also on the rowing machines (legs-arms-arms-legs).

Then we were introduced to the exercises for the workout which consisted of As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) of 100m row, 8 goblet squats, 8 ring rows, and 8 push-ups in 12 minutes.  I managed 4 rounds + 22 for my first outing and I was quite pleased with myself, despite my cohorts getting 6+ rounds. 

Arik did a great job keeping an eye on form.  I felt like I was challenged very safely and look forward to the next session.  I am intending to give this an honest shot and want to phase in dynamic and other unfamiliar movements.  I have heard too many stories of people pushing too far outside their comfort zones too quickly.

Finally we talked about nutrition and Arik stressed whole foods including vegetables, meats, fruits and healthy fats.  As a result, I passed on my usual bagel and got oatmeal from the cafeteria.  Even doctored with brown sugar, honey, and granola, oat meal is pretty bland.

(1) Rowing – legs-arms-arms-legs, shoulder blades back, lean slightly forward at waist going forward and slightly back at waist going backwards.

(2) Goblet squats – With light kettlebell, hold by yokes, sit back and hold kettlebell up so that you can see through the handle.

(3) Ring rows – feet under the rings, lay back pull forward, keeping shoulders back

(4) Push-ups – hands close to chest all the way down, chest touching floor, then back up

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