Monday, March 09, 2015

Crossfit Undeniable On Ramp Session 4

The usual suspects were again led by head coach, Zach, for another round of Crossfit®.  My abs finally started feeling better on Saturday.  The only lingering soreness I had was in my lats.  This morning we warmed up with a 400 meter run followed by shoulder warm up (forward circles, backwards circles, crossing chest palms up, crossing chest palms down and then back pats).

Then we were introduced to the exercises for the workout which consisted of walking lunges, push press and double-unders.

(1) Walking lunges were started feet shoulder width apart, step forward keeping 90 degrees on lower limbs.  We added 15 pound plates and the emphasis was on keeping the arms locked and back straight.

(2) Push presses built on the standard press from Session 2.  Feet narrower than shoulder width, heels, butt, back of shoulders in a plane.  Dip down a few inches jump and thrust the bar over your head.  Emphasis on not bringing knees in, weight should be just in front of your heels, imagine grabbing sand with your toes.  We started with a 35 pound bar and moved to a 45 pound bar for the workout.

(3) Double-unders were done with a speed rope.  With quick wrists and good rhythm, slow your regular jump rope cadence and pass the rope twice under your feet.  When discussing the exercise, I could manage some, during the workout, I managed maybe 10%, fortunately we were counting attempts not successes.  The rule of thumb is 1 double under = 2 attempts = 3 skips.

I managed 6:49 for the 3x10 (again last place) and felt really good about the effort.  I was getting wonky on the lunges and could not have maintained form any faster. 

Our nutrition challenge was a healthy breakfast (eggs and bacon or a smoothie).  I skipped the oatmeal today and had a Denver omelet.  Unfortunately, I supplemented the omelet with a biscotti not 30 minutes later.

Finally, I decided to invest in some PVC pipe for shoulder stretches.  I bought a 10 foot length from Home Depot and cut it in half.  I went with the three quarter inch, but in retrospect, I should have gone with the half inch.  It was only $3.50, so I am not worried.

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