Monday, March 09, 2015

Ski Day at Eldora

This is only my second day of alpine skiing this year, but I did enjoy skiing with my 7 year old for the first time. 

During the 2013-2014 season we got them started in ski lessons at Arapahoe Basin.  We chose them, because the group lessons were only a couple of hours long and they had reasonable priced options for private lessons.  At the time our kids were 4 & 6 and it is tough to commit to anything.  They both did really well and did not mind the cold at all.  The older one took to it pretty quick.  The younger one was wearing out significantly faster.  We did 3 private lessons total for the season and I was feeling pretty good about the investment in helmets, gloves, etc.

This year we got out early in December at Crested Butte and they both seemed like they had not missed a beat as we helped them along the magic carpet without the aid of an instructor.  With traveling around the holidays, I did not get them out on the slopes again until early February.  This time, I enrolled them in group lessons at Eldora.  The now 7 year old was thrilled, but the 5 year old was less than enthused and decided to bag it after their lunch break.

This weekend, my younger daughter decided to stay home rather than be subjected to group lessons.  The next time we go, I will try to sign her up for private lessons for an hour and then ski with her.  My older daughter and I headed out to Eldora and promptly hit the slopes.

First we did the bunny hill and she looked really good.  Then we decided to take the EZ lift in the Little Hawk Family Zone and she did really well on the Bunny Fair run.  Somewhat emboldened at this point we went through Fun Gully and the teepee assembly through the trees.  She showed no signs of slowing down and we took the caribou lift several times before breaking for lunch after a couple of hours.

After a hot lunch of chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl, we were ready to hit it again sticking to the EZ lift and Caribou lift.  For the last run of the day, we went down Sundance and at that “blue” run gave her something to brag about.

The Wilhelm Adventures have some good images from the Little Hawk Family Zone.  I am kicking myself for not bringing my GoPro along.

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