Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crossfit Undeniable On Ramp Session 7

Coach Zach led the workout today.  I could not attend in the morning and instead got the opportunity to train with Haley, Anne and Lindsey at 7:00 PM.  I did not have any lingering soreness and was excited about another session.  This time we warmed up with a 400m run, Sampson stretches, bear crawl, crab walk, high knees and butt kicks.  Finally we tacked on 5:4:3:2:1 push-ups with feet wide apart.

The workout exercises today would include ring dips and kettle bell swings.

Ring dips are a fundamental movement that is required for more advanced movements like muscle ups.  We just tried to get steady on the rings during the session.  It is easier if you press your hands against the outside of your thighs.  Even a slight dip had me shaking quite a bit.  Modifications included fixed dips and dips using Parallettes.  Feet in is easier than feet out.

Kettle bell swings are a very fundamental kettle bell move that I am not sure I was ever doing correctly.  Feet should width or a little wider apart, back straight, left kettle bell with both hands and swing outward with hips.  It should come up to about eye level and then let it back down.  It should not be swung down low, but just back between the thighs and then time the next cycle.

The workout would be a partner workout.  One person would be working and the other resting as we did 3 rotations of 10 dips and 15 kettle bell swings.  I did the first round of dips fixed and the second two rounds half fixed and half on the parallettes with feet extended.  I used a 35 lb kettle bell for the swings.  We got off to a good start and finished in 5:46.

Our nutrition talk today was on grains and why they should not be part of an athlete’s diet.  Despite hearing the talk, I still had a donut this morning.

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