Monday, March 16, 2015

Urban Acrobatics

This past week, I decided to take the girls over to UrbanAcrobatics to try out parkour.  I still don’t know too much about the discipline, but Coach Jason and Coach Patrick were really great to work with.  After warming up and stretching, they started doing some moves circuit style.  This included safety rolls, takking off of an inclined wall onto an elevated platform, sloth pull-ups and jumping onto an elevated platform.  They also played some fun games.  Both of my girls did really well.  The older one was not as flexible, but she did show a little more strength.  The younger one was the opposite.

They had so much fun that we decided to stick around for open gym.  Head Instructor Lorin Ball has created an incredible facility in Thornton.  Some of you may remember him from American Ninja Warrior.  I had to go back and check out the youtubeclip.  The facility is large enough that even when it was seemingly crowded, the area was very safe and everybody was very respectful.  All of the coaches were down there and keeping an eye on thing and teaching the kids moves.  In fact, I got so caught up in the excitement that I signed a waiver for myself and started playing around.  I tried to copy what the kids were taught and was given some pointers.  I feel really good about my safety roll and even feel a little better about getting myself over and onto platforms without using my knees.

The gym had everything I could imagine with platforms at multiple heights, a foam pit, trampoline, bars in an urban configuration, climbing holds, climbing rope, and even a salmon ladder and warped wall.

In addition to parkour at multiple levels, they also offer Ninja Warrior night, Obstacle course training, Aerial Fabric Class and Zumba dance fitness.  

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