Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crossfit Undeniable On Ramp Session 8

Coach Arik led the workout this morning.  It was just me and Ben as Kate was out of town.  My shoulders were pretty tight, but my hamstrings seemed to relax a little bit.  This time we warmed up with 3 minutes of working on double-unders.  Pointers including looking a little further out rather than at the floor in front of me and slowing down the speed on single-unders prior to a double-under attempt.  I strung 3 together, but more often it was just accomplishing a single.    This was followed by 25 yards walking calf stretches, hops, place kickers and broad jumps.  Finally we did 20 pass throughs.

The workout exercises today would include knees-to-elbows and box jumps.  We have done knees-to-elbows before, but the box jumps were new.  Start with feet about shoulder length apart, jump with both feet onto box (get the entire foot on the box), stand straight up, step or hop down.  Getting an arm swing is fine.  It is important not to point the knees in when landing and better to point them out slightly.  I managed to land the 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” box, but chickened out on the 30” box.

The workout would be 5 rounds for time of 10 knees-to-elbows and 15 box jumps.  I did the first round with 5 knees-to-elbows and 5 scaled version.  The rest were all scaled.  I used a 16 inch box for the first 3 rounds and a 12 inch box for the last 2 rounds.  My time was 7:13, which was slower than Ben, but I felt really good about the effort.

Our nutrition talk was bulk cooking and stressed that cutting up meat and vegetables when you get home from the grocery store is a huge time saver to eat healthier.  In addition to Paleo Nick were also introduced to Nom Nom Paleo and a few others.

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