Friday, March 27, 2015

Disney Dream

Overall, the cruise was a great experience.  The level of customer service was above and beyond what I have come to expect from Disney (which was already a pretty high bar).  3 nights is a very short cruise.  We did not get a chance to enjoy many of the ships amenities including the pools, movie theaters, lounges, fitness center, and spa.  The girls only had two visits to the Oceaneer’s club and would have enjoyed more.  They offered classes for the older kids in addition to a lot of activities. 

The activities we did take in were great.  The pools were a bit crowded.  The AquaDuck was a blast.  The shows were fabulous and rival shows that I have seen anywhere.  The food was well prepared and had a thoughtful, creative menu.  The service was better than I have received in any formal dining experience.  In retrospect, it might have been a good idea to have the kids eat first and send them to the Oceaneer’s club so they would not be bored during the rest of the leisurely dinner.  A neat activity that we did get involved in was the Mid-ship Detective Agency.  You could solve puzzles by looking for clues around the ship.  This allowed us to get a pretty good tour at the same time.

The time in port was reasonable.  You could typically disembark around 8:00 AM and have to be back on board by 5:00 PM.  In Nassau, there were plenty of activities and we went our own ways.  I went diving through Stuart Cove's and the rest of my family did a bus tour.  At Castaway Cay there were activities like the Stingray Experience, Parasailing, bike rentals and the 5K that we did not take the time to enjoy, but it was nice to relax in the sunshine.  We did rent a sea kayak and inner tube style floats for the beach.

The character greetings were also a lot of fun, even though we did not take advantage of all of them.

I would definitely consider a cruise vacation again and recommend Disney for families.  Even without kids, the Disney brand means something.

The cruise went from Port Canaveral to Nassau on the first night, then to Castaway Cay on the second night and returned to Port Canaveral on the third night.

We dove at 2 locations starting with the Steel Forest and then James Bond's Wrecks.


Philip Wang said...

Woah, how big were those sharks that you saw during your dive??

Sanjiv Gupta said...

Maybe 5 feet. It was a single reef shark, which are supposed to be very safe. It was still unnerving.