Friday, March 13, 2015

Skate City

The community fundraiser returned to Skate City again and it was quite the adventure.  I can’t roller skate.  I managed to stay up most of the time and had my full assortment of pads (knees, elbows, wrist) to protect the two spills I did take.  My wife skates well.  For the girls it was the second time on skates and this year was not much better than last year.

We started with regular skates and a walker style aid for the younger one.  That was going OK, but they were just having a horrible time.  We then switched over to training skates (which slip over your shoes).  The wheels have some inherent braking, so the girls were staying upright, but not really getting much of a glide.

Skate City does have regular learn to skate programs and I think that may be a fun Saturday morning activity now that gymnastics is winding down.

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