Thursday, May 28, 2015

ATC Track Workout

The Arvada Triathlon Club started track workouts for the summer and since I had to distribute uniform orders, I thought it would be a great first time to show up.

The group of around 15 runners was distributed into a marathon training group, half marathon training group, 5K/10K training group and a non-race oriented training group.  I did the non-race oriented workout, but went on send offs with the 5K/10K folks.

The workout consisted of a 1200m warm-up and cool down with 8x200m run 200m jogs between each repetition.  The total mileage would be 3.5 miles.  I managed the 200’s between 47 and 50 seconds.  It was not an impressive workout by any means, but considering I have not done any speed work in about a year and further do not have a good base for speed workouts, I was very pleased with myself.

As an added bonus, my wife decided to join me.  It was fun to be at a workout together and maybe this could become a usual thing.

The last time I did group workouts was with the Arvada Running Club.  That group usually consisted of 3-5 runners.  They all trained together and scaled the effort by shooting for different splits and/or reducing the number of repetitions.  I prefer that approach as the big incentive for me is getting used to running faster.  I am OK with not finishing the workout and am not training for a specific race or distance.  The structured approach used by the Arvada Triathlon Club is a little more formal than I would like, but it seems like a much better option for people who can attend consistently and have a goal race in mind.

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