Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Long Time No Blog

Life has been pretty hectic the past month.

Urban Acrobatics – My daughter finished her 4 session block of classes and had a great time, but with swim lessons starting up, we decided to take a break for May.
  • Lesson 1 (3/22) – tacking onto a platform
  • Lesson 2 (3/29) – rolls
  • Lesson 3 (4/12) – outdoor class, cat hangs, hops
  • Lesson 4 (4/19) – balance
  • Lesson 5 (4/26) – hand spins

Skate City Lessons – The beginner lessons have been a blast.  The final class of 5 is this weekend and I am not sure what comes next for us.  They can both navigate reasonably well on skates.  Neither one is ready for intermediate lessons, but I think they would enjoy another round of beginner lessons.  I will keep my eyes open for the next session.

Crossfit Undeniable – I started my second month of “real” crossfit with a triceps injury I sustained during warm-up.  It is healing well, but is definitely a reminder that I am a 40-44 year old male in middling physical condition.  My swim, bike, run mileage has fallen off, but I am more excited about training and exercise than I have been in a while.  You can follow my exploits at my crossfit blog.

Traveling – My wife has been traveling a little more than usual and that has presented some stress at home.  She does a great job communicating and setting things up before she leaves and when she gets back.  However, there is a lot of comfort in knowing you have somebody to fall back on if things get out of hand.

Swim Lessons – My daughters started swim lessons again.  7 year old is a “Stingray” and 6 year old is a “Squid” in the Apex Program 6-12 year old's program which goes Starfish, Squid, Stingray, Shark, and Swordfish.  After that they could start fitness swim or swim team.  I am not sure about either one, but if they can graduate from Shark, they should be able to swim 25 yards across the pool.

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