Friday, June 12, 2015

Water Heater Pilot Light

We were having some work done at the house and the GFCI was tripped which resulted in power loss in the hallway bathroom and part of the basement circuits.  Unfortunately, one of these happened to be the water heater.

I took a chilly shower at 7:00 AM.  My wife was not about to undergo the same fate and promptly called up our neighbor to take a look.  He verified the pilot was out and went about the sequence to light the pilot light.
  1. Move the knob to the OFF position.  Allow 5 minute for gas to clear out.
  2. Move the knob to the PILOT position.  Hold down plunger and press striker until pilot is lit.  Can be seen through peep window.  Continue to hold down plunger for a minute.
  3. Verify the pilot is staying lit and move knob to the ON position.  Set temperature as appropriate.

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