Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teller Street Gallery

My wife encouraged me to join her at the Teller Street Gallery for their Saturday night Painting and Wine night featuring a work inspired by Van Gogh’s “Poppies and Butterflies” circa 1890.  The studio was cozy but well lit and had a very happy feel.  There were several table set up to accommodate nearly 30 of us.  As an added perk, the background music was classic rock.  After dropping off our stuff, we went over to Rally Pizza for a bite to eat.

Rally Pizza offers Jersey style pizza which had a thin crust and a cheese blend that was very much to my liking.  We ordered a medium pizza and ate about half of it.  In the future we will probably go with slices.

Heading back we met some of the other people at our table, got our paints and then began instruction.  Our teacher was very nice and encouraged us to just kind of go for it.  We started with some background stuff, created the poppies and then finished with the butterflies.  Looking around at the finished works, everybody had a different interpretation.  Some featured a lot of details, some featured fewer.  Also the background colors went from rich blues and dark grass to lighter sky and more yellow in the field.

I was quite pleased with my painting and would be interested in going in the future.  It is great get together as you can talk and socialize while learning something.  

Me left, my wife's interpretation on right

Van Gogh "Poppies and Butterflies" finished in 1890

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