Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blithe Spirit

My spouse and I had a chance to see a production of “BlitheSpirit” by Noel Coward at the Spark Theater in Denver.

This was a wonderful comedy performed in an intimate setting.  2 rows of 15 patrons each were seated in a large room which served as the stage.  As an added bonus, one of our neighbors had the lead role of Charles Condomine, who finds himself haunted by the spirit of his first wife after a séance performed by an eccentric medium.

I have enjoyed the arts on and off in the past.  I recall school plays, a field trip to the ballet, attending musicals with my Dad, and most recently elaborate productions at The Arvada Center.  The Spark Theater provides a great venue and the production was very well done.  The entire company had tremendous performances.  I assume that the entire company also had day jobs much like our neighbor.

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