Friday, July 24, 2015

Stroke & Stride Week 8

I finally made it out to Boulder Reservoir for the Stroke & Stride.  It has been a fairly busy summer and I have been more focused on CrossFit than Multisport training. 

I signed up for the 750m swim and 5K run.  The water temperature was in the mid to upper 70’s so I decided not to go with a wetsuit.  The air temperature was hovering at or just below 90 degrees and I really could not imagine donning a wetsuit.

The start was uneventful and I got going on an easy pace.  I was a little more anxious than usual.  It was a combination of the long hiatus, limited swim training, and not having my unsinkable wetsuit on.  I ended up finishing in 19:29, which is one of my slowest laps on record, but still respectable.  I had difficulty sighting after the final buoy.

Transition was a breeze.  Without the wetsuit, I just slipped on a visor, race number belt and quickly wiped off my bare feet before sliding on my shoes.  It was my fastest transition to date at 2:06.

The run felt amazing, although I was a bit body conscious without a shirt on.  Without the distraction of a GPS, I just kind of pushed to a comfortably hard pace.  Based on the mile markers, I estimated I was moving at roughly 9 minute miles.  My official time was 27:05 which translates to 8:45 minutes/mile.

This was a short swim personal best for me.  Relative to the short course field I was 32/58 overall, 15/22 men and 4/5 in my age group (men 40-44).

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Bob the runner said...

Way to go Steve on both the swim and run! I couldn't imagine swimming without the wetsuit. I'm also impressed with how straight your swim line is. I zig zag all over the place.