Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Master of None

Over the past week, I have marathon ingested Netflix's original series "Master of None."  I am loosely familiar with Aziz Ansari.  I did not watch "Parks & Recreation" but I have a soft spot for Indian entertainers in America and watched his stand up special "Live at Madison Square Garden."  I definitely enjoy the content of his material, even though his delivery is less often laugh out loud funny.

Although it would be tough for me to recommend "Master of None" to general audiences, I really got a kick out of it.  Over the 10 episodes, there were definitely some laugh out loud moments.  There were also some interesting cultural notes that resonated with me personally, including communicating with parents about dating.

The 10 episodes are all pretty good and the cast of characters are fun and just over the top enough, without jumping the shark.

Plan B
Hot Ticket
Indians on TV
The Other Man
Ladies and Gentlemen
Old People

The writing may not be as clever as that of Seinfeld or Modern Family, but the sitcom is a great achievement from a great face for Indians in America.

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