Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2015 Year-End Totals

Swim:  77 Miles (65 hours, 2:58/100 yards)
Bike:  499 Miles (40 hours, 12.4 mph)
Run:  209 Miles (39 hours, 11:06/mile)

Weight:  185.0 Start, 179.5 End, 187.5 Max (April, May June December), 178.5 Min (September)

Swim:  Down significantly from 2014.  Continued to swim with JAM team, but did a punch card for the summer.

Bike:  Down significantly from 2014.  Some TrainerRoad miles, but not much

Run:  Down significantly from 2014.

Big new activity was CrossFit which accounted for 138 training hours.  Yoga tacked on another 18 training hours.  Finally tennis accounted for 10 training hours.

Overall, I really de-emphasized endurance training in favor of high intensity interval training.  My total training hours for the year was 298 hours (just a touch below 2014’s 311 hours).

In 2016, I plan to focus on Yoga and increase my Swim, Bike, Run hours.

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Philip Wang said...

Wow, that's a lot of training hours!! Hopefully I'll see you at the Meyers pool some time!