Monday, January 25, 2016


The four of us finally got out for a ski day together at Eldora.  The weather was beautiful and reminded me of spring skiing.  As my wife joined us we divided up.  Diya and Mom skied together and Nisha and I skied together in the morning.  As Nisha got confident on the Littlehawk lift, Mom and her skied a few runs from EZ lift and Caribou lift after lunch.  Before long Diya and I spotted them and we decided to all ski together and to my surprise, everybody did really well skiing from the Sundance lift.

I am not sure how many more days we will get this season, but it is really encouraging to see the girls having fun together.  They wanted to ride together on the lift, but I was not quite ready for that.  I did let Diya ride by herself, while I rode with Nisha.

It will soon be time to let go.

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