Friday, June 24, 2016

Too Many Irons in the Fire

The next upcoming weeks have forced me to take a look at what is important to me.

Back in November of 2014, I read a book called The Passion Test to help me get my priorities in order.  I listed 5 focus areas:

Spiritually at peace
Enjoying time with my wife and kids
Fit and energetic
Designing/developing technologically innovative products
Trying some new activity or adventure

In the next couple of week I am planning on scuba diving in a local lake, trying trapeze and planning a rafting trip.  I have also been keeping up with my training.  At the same time, I have dropped the first 2 races off of my triathlon calendar and plan to pick up again with the Boulder Sunset Triathlon or possibly even skip that and have the Littlefoot Triathlon be my only event of the season.

I have fallen short on being Spiritually at peace.  I feel fairly contented and have been practicing yoga, but I would prefer to participate in formal religion as well.  I have not even made time for religious texts.

I have not been enjoying time with my wife and kids.  As a family we have taken a few vacations and gone on a family bike ride, but the last date night my wife and I had was back in April.  We are overdue.

Professionally, I have not taken steps to design/develop products.  Instead, I have been in a morass of administrative tasks which are reducing my enthusiasm.

While I am still trying new things, I am having a hard time balancing the activities I have enjoyed for some time including CrossFit, Yoga, Swimming, Bicycling, Running, Triathlon, Tennis, Target Shooting, and Scuba Diving.

I have also immersed myself in the community with Board positions in our Home Owners Community, the girls elementary school and an athletic club.  These activities are very tangentially related to my focus areas.

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