Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bike to Work Day

Bike to work day was quite the adventure this morning.  It started off very smoothly and we were about 0.7 miles from the house when I hear the firecracker sound of my 7 year old getting a flat tire.  Only being about a quarter mile from a breakfast station we decide to walk her bike over there.  I had tools for my bike, but not the kids.

At the aid station, they had a patch kit and the David was nice enough to run into his office, Arvada Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, to grab a crescent wrench in case I needed to take the wheel off.  I found the leak, patched it and went to the Diamond Shamrock and paid $1 for air to get her going again.  Walking the bike back, I noticed the tire bead did not seat and removed the air and somebody else held the bead while we pumped it up again.  While I worked, the girls had breakfast at the aid station.

Again underway, we crossed 88th Parkway at Field street and were just past Kings Mill Park when I hear the psss psss psss of another leak.  We through a hasty patch on the tire and limped along for another mile before she was essentially riding on the wheel.  At this point we walked the last half mile to Tech/Maker camp.  They had a bicycle pump there, but on inflating the tire, I felt the dimple of inner tube poking up and new I had to make some choices for the ride home.

I got underway and finished the last 6 miles to work unscathed, although I missed my breakfast station at East Interlocken Park.  I called over to the Westminster Bicycle Village and they are holding a tire and tube for me at the desk.  The plan is now to ride to Bicycle Village, pick up supplies, ride to Tech/Maker camp, fix the tube/tire and bike home.

Plan worked quite well.  Bicycle Village had the tire waiting for me.  It was on sale for $9.99 and I grabbed a tube for $7.99.  I was able to borrow tools from the camp hosts.  Next time we are on riding beyond the friendly confines of the neighborhood, I want to pack an expanded tool kit including Band-aids, Neosporin, Adjustable wrench, phillips/flathead screwdriving, and schrader air/pump.

On Larkbunting, riding home with new tire

Obligatory selfie

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Bob the runner said...

Wow sounds like quite an adventure!