Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2016 Year-End Totals

Swim:  38 Miles (34 hours, 3:03/100 yards)

Bike:  522 Miles (43 hours, 12.1 mph)

Run:  186 Miles (36 hours, 11:47/mile)

Weight:  179.5 Start, 184.0 End, 192.0 Max (May), 179.5 Min (January)

Swim:  Half the distance from 2015, dropped Masters membership and opted for a lap swim punch card along with some swims at 24 Hour Fitness.

Bike:  Flat relative to 2015.  Some TrainerRoad miles, but not much

Run:  Down 10% from 2015 and slower.

CrossFit and Strength Training accounted for 160 hours of training and yoga tacked on 46 hours of training.

Overall, dropping a CrossFit gym membership did drop my work capacity, but training on my own has offered better movement and strength.

I have enjoyed programming my own training, but look forward to dropping in at a CrossFit box more often.  My total training hours for the year was 315 hours (just a touch above 2015’s 298 hours).
In 2017, I plan to focus on High Intensity Interval Training, cycling for pleasure and hope to add more days running on the track.

Per Beginner Triathlete for 2016

Swim (34 hours, 67,500  yards)
Bike (43 hours, 517 miles)
Run (36 hours, 188 miles)
Strength (27 hours)
Boxing (1 hour)
CrossFit (149 hours)
Gymnastics (3 hour)
Jump Rope (2 hour)
Misc (1 hour)
Roller Skating (1 hour)
Rowing (2 hours)
Scuba Diving (3 hours)
Skiing (9 hours)
Surfing (3 hours)
Tennis (4 hours)
Yard Work (33 hours)
Yoga (46 hours)

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