Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Goodbye 2016

2016 was a down year for the household, marked by the passing of my Mother-in-Law.  There were some bright spots as well.  My first born started fourth grade and my second born started second grade.  They both continued with piano.  In addition to the core of gymnastics and swimming, they also tried soccer and participated in the talent show.  My first born also played basketball and attended cotillion.  We again got out for a few days of skiing at Eldora.  Some new adventures included Trapeze and Surfing.

We took 7 family trips this year.  The highlights were Wimberley, Texas and San Diego, California.
Professionally, 2016 was stable and rewarding.  I attended reliability training in Tucson and had the opportunity to present at the Executive VP level.

I ramped up community involvement.  I joined the Board of Woodrow Wilson Academy, maintained a Board position on the HOA, and started another term with the Arvada Triathlon Club.

My hobbies were more solo.  I continued with yoga in 2016 for about half the year, but dropped my CrossFit membership.  I also dropped my Masters swim team participation.  I have been training on my own at 24 Hour Fitness and then Aspire Fitness.  I did not do any racing.  I did make a new commitment to scuba diving and have been training towards advanced diving certifications.

I maintained my interest in coins adding 9 coins and several books and catalogs to my numismatic library.  I did not attend any major coins shows, but participated in some sealed bid sales.

I got out for 3 days of downhill skiing, but no XC skiing.  I got in 3 days of scuba diving (all local).  I went flying (Trapeze) 3 times and tried a surfing lesson.  I only got to the rifle range 1 time.

My favorite novel this year was “Seven Eves” by Stephenson.  In terms of non-fiction my favorite was “Boys in the Boat” by Brown.

We only got to the movie theater 3 times and my favorite was “The Accountant.”  On video, my favorites were “The Revenant” and “The Big Short.”

I did not race this year, but in terms of participatory sport, my favorite series was the CrossFit Open workouts.

My best purchases this year were both low dollar items including liquid chalk (for strength training) and a meat mallet.

Other highlights from the year include a Jump Rope and Smooth Rowing Seminar and constructing a home gym, which unfortunately has seen very little use.  I did several landscaping projects.  The Broncos won the Super Bowl and the Cubs won the World Series.  Matt Frazier and Katrin Davidsdotter won the CrossFit games.

Best wishes for 2017. 

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