Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ski Day at Keystone

I thought we had the last ski day of the year in February, but my wife found us a great deal on a ski day at Keystone.  My firstborn wanted to take a snowboarding lesson, so we decided to drive up on Friday night to avoid any morning traffic that would make us late.  We convinced my second born to take a lesson as well.  As a result my wife and I were able to ski together.  It has been a long time since that has happened.

Typically we go to low frills ski mountains and I was reminded why Vail Resorts has such a good reputation.  There was plenty of friendly staff helping us every step of the way.  There were wagons to haul kids and ski gear from the car to the slopes.  The lift lines were shorter than I am used to.  The food choices were amazing.  Finally, the skiing was great.  It was easy to navigate the mountain and take in the views.

We also took the time to enjoy tubing which was a lot of fun.  We should have brought soft boots so that we could ride together, but in ski boots it is much safer to go one at a time.

There is great lodging really close to the Mountain House where the girls had there lessons.  Underground parking is onsite and it is a quick jaunt to get to her lessons and fitted up with gear.

The reason we were able to enjoy everything that Vail Resorts has to offer is because we were helping them out with some marketing.  I did not know what to expect.  They were looking for a family with kids under 10 who skied together.  We happened to fit the bill and were followed around the mountain with a camera crew.  It was actually kind of fun and sometimes you forgot they were there, except when the kids would ham it up.

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