Thursday, February 22, 2018

Out with the Old Part II

I did a house purge in January of 2017 and thought everything was in order.  It seems that this process needs to be an annual event.  This past week, I repeated the process and sure enough, things were equivalently in disarray.

The easy stuff was 4 lawn and leaf bags full of boxes (shoes, small appliances, china set, etc).  Then it was sorting donation items.  I have a full bin of clothes that are mostly from the closet, but some were in storage downstairs.  I grabbed some engineering textbooks and novels to donate.  Then it was an old Tivo and VCR.  Next there were some household goods including a dish drying rack and a magazine rack.  The biggest pile of stuff to sort was bags.  We picked our favorites and still had a lot of luggage, shoe bags and backpacks to donate.  It is going to be quite a few trips to Goodwill.  We may even have enough for a yard sale.

At this point stuff that lives in the basement was identified.  I was able to go through our finished and unfinished storage and get everything accessible that needs to be accessible.  I binned up a lot of stuff from hobbies I am less active in (arduino, raspberry pi, reloading) and was able to squirrel away a lot of clutter.

Outstanding items include going through books, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs and office supplies.  We have a tremendous amount of office supplies that need to be accessible.

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