Monday, April 23, 2018

Orlando (without Disney)

This past weekend, we made a family trip to Orlando.  My wife was attending a conference and the kids and I decided to tag along.  I usually do not like quick trips and I have too many memories of being exhausted after spending 8-10 hours at various Disney attractions.  This trip was different and really relaxing.

We stayed at the Hilton near the convention center and did not have any plans.  Me and the kids played basketball, tennis and lounged by the pool.  We slept in, watched television and ordered poolside lunches.  It was glorious.

The pool has an adult section, kids section, lazy river, water slide and in pool basketball nets.  There is only 1 tennis court, but it was never occupied when we wanted to play and it was in good condition.  Basketball was a little busier (and the basketballs were in rough shape) but it was still fun to play "HORSE" and "PIG."  Most of our eats were bar food.  Our room did have a refrigerator and their was a community microwave in the vending area.  Overall our room was really nice.

We also hit the outlet malls for some shopping.  I think we spent more on food and drink than clothes, shoes and accessories, but that is the way it goes.  One of the highlights was dragon's breath.  Basically it was a flash frozen fruit loop concoction that you would eat and "smoke" would pour out of your mouth.

Another highlight was Top Golf.  We are not a golf family, but the venue was only 5 minutes from our hotel.  We got on the wait list and came back 90 minutes later when we were up in the queue.  We were given a bay and we all had fun hitting golf balls off of the upper deck at various targets.  For my girls it was their first time swinging a club and I was surprised at the contact and consistency they had.  I wish I was a better golfer so that I could give them better pointers.

We also had a chance to visit with some family and all spend quality time together.  With my schedule, my wife's schedule and the kids friends and activities, it is rare that we have captive time together.  There were no earth shattering insights or seismic shifts in our relationships, but I feel like we are all a little closer.

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