Monday, September 24, 2018

Urban Quest LODO

This past weekend, we decided to do an Urban Quest.  It was similar to an escape room, but we got to walk around LODO for a couple of hours.  I have heard it is similar to geocaching, but without all of the GPS stuff and there are no physical items to uncover.

Our quest started at 19th and Blake and the directions were all based on streets and compass directions (North, South, East, and West).  The markers were various buildings and sculptures.  The  clues were a little confusing, but fortunately hints were provided along the way.  Of 17 clues, we only had to skip 2, but we did use a lot of hints.

The quest took 2 hours, which felt like a long time.  We started around 5:00 PM on Sunday and did not finish until a little after 7:00 PM.  In retrospect, we should have stopped for dinner half way through instead of waiting until the end.  We should have also carried water.  Finally we probably should have gotten bird scooters for the kids.  Even my feet started to get tired after 2 hours on concrete in Crocs.

Only one of the clues was not accessible due to construction.

Overall it was a lot of fun and an interesting way to see a city.  I would consider doing one in another city if I had a window of time to kill, but not necessarily as a site seeing guide.  I think it would be a fun activity for a kids birthday party.

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