Sunday, October 28, 2018

Goodbye Liberty Oilfield Services

After 18 months in the oilfield, frac'ing in North Dakota and Colorado for some great customers, I decided to turn in my resignation.  The oilfield has been really good for me.  It is a welcoming meritocracy where age, race, gender, sexual orientation does not matter.  Getting to work on time and doing your job does matter.  I have made closer friendships in my short time at Liberty than I did over a 20 year span in technology.  I think it is a combination of long hours, close quarters and having a common purpose.  I have had fascinating conversations on philosophy, religion, domestic policy, foreign policy, child rearing, marriage and other topics typically taboo in the workplace.

The oilfield asks a lot.  The crews work hard and are never deterred.  The job always goes forward.  Being a 24/7/365 capital intensive industry, no problem is unsolvable, we have spare equipment, an electronics technician and mechanic on site all the time and numerous resources on call that can be on site within hours.  People get hurt.  Usually it is little things like twisted knees, twisted ankles, bumps and bruises.  Unfortunately it is also traffic fatalities.  We spend a lot of time on the roads.

The oilfield is a family and one does not take a job in the oilfield.  Your spouse and children become an oilfield spouse and oilfield children.  This means missing family events, but it also means security.  Working 12+ hours daily for 2 weeks straight all around the country, makes for some healthy paychecks.  When oil prices are up and work is plentiful, companies share the wealth with bonuses and incentive pay.

My journey ended for a number of reasons, but I would gladly go back if my circumstances change and I would recommend the industry and specifically Liberty Oilfield Services to anyone.  There is a place for everyone in the oilfield.  I have had the pleasure of working with folks who have incredible natural mechanical aptitude, unsurpassed strength and stamina, nuanced troubleshooting skills and true leadership.  I have also worked with folks who could not make it anywhere else, but are teachable and willing to work hard.  The oilfield has a place for you.

I will always be proud of my contribution to providing energy for my community.  Access to energy has been the single largest contributor to quality of life over the past 1000 years and will continue to drive medical technology, access to food and ability to live in otherwise harsh natural environments.

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