Saturday, June 29, 2019


This afternoon, I finally got around to upgrading my putter.  I was definitely set on a blade putter and wanted to try a bunch out.  I tried models from Odyssey, Bettinardi, Ping, and Scotty Cameron.  I did not like the Bettinardi much.  I did like the Odyssey White Hot, but would have switched out the grip for a Super Stroke as it felt too narrow.  I wanted to like the Scotty Cameron Newport, but the ball did not come off it well for my stroke.

The associate also helped me with length (35") and balance (toe hang).

I drifted towards the Ping based on feel, look of the club and I believe in no small part the grip.  Then I was debating endlessly between the Sigma G, Sigma 2 and Vault 2.0.  At first they all seemed very similar.  Then the Vault 2.0 felt heavy, which is a weird thing to say as it is 350g (same as the Sigma G and only 10 grams heavier than the Sigma 2; I did not know that at the time).  Then it was down to the Sigma G or Sigma 2.  In the end, I let fate decide and hit 4 putts each and went with the percentages.  I was 4 for 4 with the Sigma G and 3 for 4 with the Sigma 2.

The Sigma G felt just as good at Lake Arbor as it did at Golf Galaxy.  I am very pleased with the purchase.

I also went ahead and had Golf Pride mid size grips put on my Callaway Rogue 3H and my Excalibur Convex Ti 6-4 Titanium Driver (9 degree loft).  It is a night and day difference on the driving range.

I neglected to have my Spalding Pro Series Utility Wedge 58 degree loft re-gripped.  I will rectify that oversight, while I shop around for a new wedge.  I feel like I need a lot more experience to decide what I want to look for in a wedge.  I do feel like there is something missing after my approach wedge (49 degree loft).  The sand wedge is 54 degrees and the lob wedge is 59 degrees.

I will probably hold off another year before getting a new driver.  This is an opportunity where I may consider "last years" model as the technology is changing very quickly and I am not consistent enough with my swing to take advantage of driver technology.

I did not hesitate when buying irons as the technology leap forward was so substantial.  Any irons would have been great, but the It was nice to get fitted at Golf Galaxy.  I was brand agnostic and the sales associate tried me in a couple of different Callaway irons and one from Taylor Made.  The Callaway Rogue felt good and were endorsed by a golf neighbor.  They also look amazing.

I bought my first set of clubs used in 1993 for $100.  They are Tru Form Pro Player Cavity back irons 3-PW and Triumph 1, 3 and 5 woods.

I played quite a bit of golf from 1998-2000 and picked up my current driver and utility wedge over those years.

After a significant hiatus, I started playing again in 2018 and did not hesitate picking up a set of irons.  The hybrid 3 basically completed the irons when they came on sale.  I am not sure about putter technology, but I became obsessed with the Scotty Cameron and just had to swing them.  They are beautiful, but do not fit my game.

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