Monday, July 01, 2019

Home Improvement

I am not a handyman and do not enjoy home improvement projects.  As a result, we end up doing home improvement every several years when something is in disrepair or we have some money squirreled away to take an item off of the list.

This year it was simple bath improvements.  It is amazing how nice a bathroom can look with new counter tops, fixtures and lighting.  We were able to upgrade a half bath and full bath.  We kept the existing flooring, mirror, cabinet, bath and toilet.  That limitation of scope contained the cost tremendously.  

I really do like the under mount sink and the basin sink.  I think they are attractive and will be easy to keep clean.

While the handyman was there, we also had the deck sanded and stained (no pictures of that).

Another project we will tackle this year once temperatures cool down will be leveling the driveway and repairing the concrete stairs leading to the front door.

We will not likely get around to extending the hardwood floors on the main level, new carpeting upstairs, lighting in the family room or resin coating the garage floor this year.

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Anonymous said...

looks great! your wife did a great job!