Monday, July 22, 2019

Golf Lesson

My wife was thoughtful enough to get me golf lessons for Father's Day and we finally made it over to Indian Tree in Arvada for our lesson with Willard.  We started out with some introductions, how long have we been playing golf and quickly moved onto how to hold a golf club.  The grip having been established, we swung a few times and received corrections individually.

  • The ball will go where your belly button is pointing, bring your hips all the way around
  • Force is generated as the tension developed between the hips and the shoulders is released, turning the shoulders winds up the spring

Willard was very personable and kept the lesson very entertaining.  An hour is a long time, and it fun to think about a golf swing, how to keep that swing repeatable, how force is generated and that head still is different from eye on the ball.

I was also relieved that he grabbed a ladies club for my wife who has been using my clubs which are too heavy, too long and have larger grips on them.

I look forward to putting some of Willard's instruction into my practice at the range this week.  Ideally, I would schedule one lesson a month with a golf pro while I am learning the game.

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