Monday, December 02, 2019

40th Dive!

I recently hit a milestone of 40 SCUBA dives.  After getting certified, I had my doubts, that I would ever reach that number.

23 of those were freshwater in the Coral Sea (21) and Rainbow River (2).

17 of those were salt water in Los Cabos (2005), Oahu (2013), Bahamas (2015), West Palm, FL (2015), Miami, FL (2017), Key Largo, FL (2018), Maui/Kona (2019).

I started out with Open Water Certification in 2005

I took a refresher course in 2011

In 2016, I started taking specialty courses towards Advanced Open Water.  I intend to finish the Advanced Open Water in 2020 (Deep Diver, Nitrox, Search and Recovery, Night Diver)

In regards to gear:

  • Mask/Snorkel - 2005 (??)
  • Booties - Aqua Lung 5 mm - 2013 ($67)
  • 3mm wetsuit - Aqua Lung - 2013 ($160)
  • BCD - Oceanic Bioflex - 2013 ($100, recommended annual service)
  • Fins - Oceanic Viper - 2013 ($90)
  • Regulator/Octopus/Computer/Gauges - MK25 first stage-Aeris Ion second stage/Atomic SS1/Aeris 300XT - 2014 ($1167, requires annual service)
  • 7mm wetsuit - Henderson Thermoprene 7mm XL - 2016 ($260)
  • Dive hood - 2016 ($52)

I intend to transition from an Octopus to an Atomic SS1 secondary air (2019)

I intend to transition from my current computer/gauges to an air pressure only and wrist computer (TBD)

I would like to get my kids involved.  They have a mask and snorkel from our Maui/Kona trip and I will look into getting them in the pool at Meyers with Coral Key Scuba.

My first experience was fun, but I was extremely sea sick.  That was why I never expected to dive more than the first 4 times.  I still get sea sick on boats, but am learning to manage it.  Diving locally has got me so much more comfortable with my gear and I feel confident when on vacation.

All of the salt water experiences have been memorable.  I have seen sharks, sea turtles, octopus, eel, variety of reef fish, squid, Goliath Grouper and Manta Rays.  I have seen wrecks.  I don't expect to get into technical, deep, wreck or cave diving, but you never know what the future holds.

At some point in the future, I would like to go on a dive vacation, rather than just adding a dive excursion to a beach holiday.  I would also like to dive more of the inland United States at spots like Blue Hole, NM and other.

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