Monday, December 02, 2019


I had a chance to eat at a farm-table-farm restaurant that truly minimized waste.  Cloth napkins, cutlery, plates, glass cups, no to-go boxes were the standard.  Everything was locally sourced and leftovers went back to the farm to feed the chickens.

A second experience was the Patriot Act episode on the environmental impact of clothing from the oil required to make polyester and spandex to the fresh water to grow cotton and other items.  Most donated clothing ends up in land fills.

Finally packing for a 9 day trip, I was amazed at how everything I needed could be packed into a suitcase and carry-on.

It is slowly becoming apparent that I buy too much stuff and am not responsible about re-use or re-deployment of existing stuff. 

While I have no intention of becoming a minimalist, I would like to take small steps to reduce my footprint.  I am going to start tracking purchases of durable goods.

During the vacation, the only durable good I bought was a Hawaiian Shirt.

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