Monday, July 06, 2020

Cobra Speedzone 14.5° Fairway Wood

I had a chance to get over to Golf Galaxy to have my new purchases from Play It Again Sports re-gripped.

While I was there, I tested the Titleist TS2 15° and Cobra Speedzone 14.5° fairway woods with regular shafts.

Taking my best 2 swings (out of 4) after getting warmed up, it appears the Titleist TS2 is most forgiving left/right offline.  The 980F is longest.  The Cobra had the best efficiency and launch conditions.

At the shop, I had all but decided to get the Cobra Speedzone.  It felt great in hand, the ball sounded good coming off and my mis-hits were fewer and less severe.  It was being offered for $279 and I had a coupon for $50 off of any $250 purchase which brought the cost down to $229.  It also had a great head cover. In retrospect, I am glad I waited.  My used club find had equal performance.

Just goes to show, for my game, the equipment is not a difference maker yet.  If I find it on sale in the future or used, I would love to have a Cobra Speedzone in my bag.

I also looked at wedges.  The Vokey in jet black are hard to read, I prefer the brushed steel or tour chrome.

I looked at shoes and the nothing really grabbed my attention.  I did not try any on for fit.

I looked at Golf Bags and again, nothing appeared compelling.  I might just wait to get one from Costco.

Finally, I had my Titleist 980F and SM5 re-gripped and they are officially added to my bag.


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