Sunday, July 05, 2020

Play It Again Sports

I got over to Play It Again Sports out of curiosity and to fill out my bag.  They had a great selection of fairway woods and wedges from as low as $15 for off brand or beat up clubs to $20-30 to middle of the clubs that I was looking at.  I glanced at a practically new Callaway Jaws 5 that was $75.

Among the wedges, I selected Titleist SM5 Vokey Design (SN 1720960) 54 degree loft and 14 degrees of bounce (F Grind).  The grip is a little worn, but the grooves are grippy despite a little rust.  It was $30 at Play It Again Sports.  Per specs 35.25" length, 64 degree lie.  It was launched in 2014.

At the other end of the bag, I selected a Titleist 980F 15 degree Fairway Wood (SN 1152065).  This was introduced in 2003 and the MSRP was $290.  It was $20 at Play It Again Sports.  It appears to have an the original Golf Pride tour velvet grip, but I would prefer a medium CP2 grip.

On a whim, I grabbed a Nike Ignite 5 Wood T60 (SN FA01061103).  It came with a stiff Fujikura shaft and has a 19 degree loft (the same as my hybrid 3).  Length per Ebay is 42".  The Ignite series was launched in 2006.  It was $20 at Play It Again Sports.

Getting them out on the driving range, they were easy to hit and a substantial improvement over my original Triumph 3 Wood that I threw into the bag.  Even with a good hit with my Triumph, I was not getting a desirable launch angle.  I really liked the launch angle of both the Titleist and the Nike fairway woods.

The wedge was equally pleasing to hit.  For my swing, I was hitting both my PW and AW about 75 yards.  The new Titleist and my Spalding Utility wedge was going about 50 yards on a full swing.  I did some short pitch shots with the Titleist as well.  I was not generation much spin, but I was getting very consistent strikes.

Golf Pride midsize grips are $8.99.  If I wanted to replace with BV Wings Tour Velvet Black Grip .580 those would be $10 if purchased from

I will likely keep all 3 in my bag, but if pressed, I would dump the 5 wood.

Shout out to Play It Again Sports for offering a 15% military discount!

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