Thursday, January 07, 2021

United States in Chaos

As a Libertarian, I am not too upset by the events that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  I am upset that people were injured.  I am further upset that my tax dollars will be spent to repair the damage to the Capitol.

As I see it, people have the right to protest for change.  I was not opposed to women marching after Trump was elected President.  I was not opposed to citizens of the world marching to oppose police brutality towards Blacks.  I was not opposed to Americans protesting public health orders (although this one felt a little dirty as public health orders protect Medicare and Medicaid that are paid for out of my tax dollars).  Therefore, I should not be opposed to Americans trespassing on the Capitol grounds.

I am constantly impressed by how powerful a speaker President Trump is.  There are very few men and women in history who could stir up a crowd, incite a riot and maintain power.  Joan of Arc led France to Victory over England, but was burned at the stake for witchcraft in 1431.  Adolf Hitler was one such powerful speaker, but the Third Reich ultimately fell in 1945.

President Trump was duly elected with 62.9 million votes in the 2016 election.  His popularity continued its meteoric rise and he captured 74.2 million votes in the 2020 election, although ultimately defeated at the ballot box, in court and in congress.  In both his 2016 and 2020 campaign, he was at a significant disadvantage in terms of political spending.

His legacy includes improved U.S. diplomatic relations with North Korea and Russia.  He cut environmental and tax regulations for businesses.  He shepherded the largest tax overhaul in 3 decades with permanent cuts to corporate profits, investment income, estate tax and more.  52% of Americans have some participation in the stock market.  Only 1 in 700 deaths were subject to the estate tax (basically the ultra wealthy).  Finally he stacked the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court with appointments that were held open by the Republican controlled senate during the last 3 years of President Obama's term.  These are significant wins for his supporters.

While I do not agree with President Trump on policy or personality, I should temper that with the claim that I do not agree with anybody 100% on policy or personality.  New catchphrases were added to the lexicon including "Fake News" and "People are Saying."  Both of these proved to be powerful to his supporters and an anathema to his detractors.

Donald Trump will continue to be a powerful force in global events.  His legacy will likely grow to be as powerful as Karl Marx among revolutionaries who championed the people and created a new theory of government.

Future elections will seek to capture the Trump voting block, similar to how politicians in past elections have sought out Evangelical Christians, Blacks, Latinos, Suburban Housewives and Progressives.  A Trump lobbying group could prove to be more powerful than the NRA.

Similar to the common stickers, "What Would Jesus Do?" individuals will find themselves asking "What Would Trump Do?" as they have found a new Lord and Savior that is current, charismatic and personal to them.

I would like to believe that Democracy will continue to be the guiding principal for the United States.  I would like to see the size of government shrink.  I would love for the two party system to collapse upon itself under the weight of disenfranchised Americans who are being sacrificed as pawns.

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