Monday, January 18, 2021


We enjoyed a family get away weekend to Keystone this past weekend.  My wife was able to secure accommodations for us at the Silver Mill Condominiums.  These are pricey, but the location is great for us.  The 1 bedroom & 1 bath is a modest 550 square feet, but during non-Covid times we would typically enjoy the pool table and hot tubs.  The best perk for me is the underground parking space and ski lockers.  The reservation was a bit odd, so we drove up Saturday afternoon and were able to check in.

Dinner Saturday night was pasta which we partially prepped at home and finished prepping at our condo.  We spent the rest of the evening watching television.  Typically we divide with my wife and I taking the bedroom and our daughters on the pull-out sofa.  This time the sofa was busted so the girls  kind of made do with an air mattress.

Breakfast Sunday was avocado toast, donuts and bagels.  The condo featured a Keurig so it was nice to get a hot cup of coffee as well.  We got out to the slopes from the River Run base area and took the Summit Express up.  For the first time out this season everybody did great and we took Schoolmarm to Paymaster first to the Montezuma Express and then back down the base.  The lift lines were pretty long and we waited 20-25 minutes in both lift lines.

We headed back to the condo for a lunch of soup and sundried tomato bread.  Re-energized me and my daughters headed back up around 1:30 PM and were thrilled to find no lift lines, we did two quick trips up the Summit Express coming down Spring Dipper to Beger to Dercum's Dash and the second time taking Schoolmarm to Paymaster.  We then headed back to the condo to watch some football.  We ordered some Arancini Balls from Luigi's Pasta House and a pizza dinner from Pizza on the Run.  It was an earlier night, but Sunday we did play some cards.

Monday morning started off the same as Sunday (but we were out of donuts).  My wife decided to take it easy and catch up on sleep.  Me and the girls headed up to the Summit Express and were again pleasantly surprised to find short (5 minute) lift lines.  We got three runs completed in 90 minutes and explored Santa Fe which was ungroomed, Spring Dipper to Jaybird and finally Schoolmarm to Paymaster.  We decided to head in for lunch, but grabbed some crepes from the The Crepe Stand.  We got two sweet and one savory which was an ideal supplement to our planned lunch of nachos and leftover pizza.

After lunch my 11 year old was done with skiing, but I took my 13 year old back out for another run.  This time we headed down Bachelor where she was actively seeking ungroomed terrain.  I stuck to the groomed section, but we still had a great time and went after Beger again.

We called it a day and packed up the condo relatively quickly and got on the road around 3:00 PM.  We hit a little bit of traffic but nothing too bad.  We grabbed some Chinese food on the way home and still arrived around 5:00 PM.

Strengths - We could all ski together, albeit at different comfort levels.  Packing food is so convenient compared to trying to dine out every meal.  The girls having electronic devices helps pass the time in the car and in the evenings.  Having our skis freshly tuned was so nice compared to last season.

Weaknesses - It was cold and we should have packed more toe warmers and hand warmers.  It is tough to wear a mask while skiing and my goggles were fogging up.

Opportunities - I need to get my 13 year old some poles.  She is ready.  I am going to get myself some mittens so that I can enjoy the hand warmers that the girls seem to enjoy so much.  We will probably skip bagels next time and maybe I will bring a couple of packages of oatmeal for breakfast and Ramen for lunch.

Threats - If the girls get much better at skiing, I will be left behind.

Real Estate Notes:  The last two Silver Mill Condos recently sold went for $690K for a 2BR, 2BA, 1125 square feet, HOA $1,051 monthly (December 2020) and $1,205K for a 4BR, 4BA, 1,946 square feet penthouse, HOA $1,916 monthly (November 2020).  1BR, 1BA are going for around $400K right now, HOA $468 per month.  I am still leery of investment properties, but feel better about invest properties in the mountains compared to those on the beach, which may be susceptible to hurricanes, etc.

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