Monday, February 08, 2021

Old VHS Tapes

Cleaning out my parent's house, I found a stack of VCR tapes.  As expected these were labeled haphazardly. 

Today, I reviewed a tape labeled "SANJIV."  I was not quite sure what to expect, but decided to let it run in the background during my workday.

It opened with an episode of "Mr. Belvedere" and then and episode of "21 Jump Street."

Then there was a bright spot, coverage of the 1987 Tour de France on CBS featuring Pedro Delgado and Andy Hampstead.  The 7 Eleven team was prominently featured.  None of the riders were wearing helmets.  Delgado was sporting the Campagnolo white rear disc wheel during the time trial.  Another fun note was seeing the riders grab newspapers to tuck under their jerseys during the descents.

Then the tape devolved again into some less than memorable 1980's movie that I have yet to determine the title of.

Next up was a few minutes of French Open Tennis featuring Andre Agassi.

Followed quickly by an episode of "MacGyver."

Followed by another episode of "21 Jump Street."  In retrospect, this was a little sad, if I was actually watching these.  I would like to blame my younger sister.

Then a little more tennis.  Hard court featured Lendl and Mercer.  Then a match with Navratilova.

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