Monday, July 26, 2021

Garmin Adventure Watches

I am starting to reconsider owning a smart watch.  The motivation was a bit of an end around as I was perusing dive computers and felt like the Garmin Descent MK2i would be an ideal choice (with the unfortunate price tag of $1500).

Then I started working through the Garmin website and thought the Garmin Fenix 6 or Garmin tactix Delta Series could make for exciting choices.

The tactix is designed for special operations folks and incorporates features for shooting sports, which I do not require.

The Fenix seems to meet all of my needs.  Scratch resistance is a big deal to me, but the Solar charging feature of Power Glass is a reasonable tradeoff for the more durable Sapphire.  It starts at $799 for a Fenix 6 in slate gray with a black band or whitestone band that I could upgrade down the road.

The Titanium DLC Band at $1049 and Mineral Blue Titanium with Whitestone Band at $899 are quite attractive in 47 mm.

51 mm is only available with Black Band at $949

The Dive Watch MK2 starts at $999 with a 43 mm case and no air integration.  Going to 52 mm (which is the only true starting point for me), the price jumps to $1299 and air integration takes the price to $1499 (and the transmitter is extra).

Titanium bands in carbon grey are $229, vented titanium silver is $199, and vented titanium in carbon gray is $299. 

In summary:
(1) Buy a Fenix 6 Solar for $799
(2) Buy a Descent MK2i for $1499

I will likely not buy either anytime soon, but it the extra $700 is probably worth it to have my lifetime dive computer in addition to a smart watch.

Review Base Exchange, there is a significant discount to be had for military families:
(1) Fenix 6 Pro Solar $759 (vs $799) 010-02410-14
(2) Descent MK2i $1449 (vs $1499)
(3) Descent MK2 $1249 (vs $1299)
(4) Fenix  Sapphire $614 (vs $749) 010-02158-10 **Best deal and a good watch for me

Solar would be a nice feature and is probably worth the $100.
I would also like the dive features, but am not ready to pay the other $800.

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