Tuesday, July 20, 2021

SCUBA Wish List

I anticipate scuba diving less frequently rather than more frequently in the future.  I would still like to dive locally several times each year and have everything I need for local diving.

I would like to dive salt water at least every other year.  These will be tame recreational depth dives without the need for many accessories.  It would be nice to travel with a wrist computer, mask and SMB and rent everything else.

That being said, I have still been eyeballing some dive accessories including a save a dive kit and some dive tools.

Regardless of these purchases, I still need to service my regulator and BCD regularly.

Wish List
  • Wrist Computer - Garmin MK2i*** Buy Before Next Dive Trip
  • PADI Log Book (70048) $23.13 Amazon** Misc
  • Snap Bolts - for torch and GoPro - (2) XDEEP NX Series Bolt Snap Small Single Ended - $14.95 each (for torch and GoPro) and (1) XDEEP NX Series Bolt Snap Large Single Ended (for backup SPG) ** Misc
  • Fin Spring Straps - for Oceanic Viper - $15 to $50** Misc
  • SPG - instead of Aeris 300XT - Hog 2.0 in SGP Imperial Black $54.95 DiversSupply** Misc
  • SMB - Need to learn how to use this** Misc
  • Bare Revel 5mm wetsuit (size ML) - for cooler weather - $250* No plans to Buy
  • Bare Exowear Jacket (size ML)  - $159 layer with 3 mm or 5 mm* No Plans to Buy
  • Torch - CX2 Handheld Dive Light? $159.99 or Simply Scuba MK1? $116.95 (* No Plans to Buy
  • Cutting device - Shears or Line Cutter - * No Plans to Buy
Save a Dive Kit
  • Spare Mask - it is time
  • Fin Strap - Oceanic Strap Viper With Buckles - $7.95 (have Coral Key order this)
  • Mouth Piece - already have, remove from Aeris Ion - in KIT
  • Cable Ties - already have, grab a few - in KIT
  • First Stage Caps - Freddy gave me some - in KIT
  • O-Rings - get a grab bag - in KIT
Dive Tools
  • Spanner Wrench - $5 to $15 (Leisure Pro) - measure my fittings
  • Scuba 8 in 1 Multifunction Dive Tool (pick + allen keys) $11.95 Leisure Pro - ORDERED 7/28/2021
  • Tough Hook XL - $14.95 Leisure Pro - ORDERED 7/28/2021
  • Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel 167 Feet, Orange - $14.95 Leisure Pro - ORDERED 7/28/2021
Copy of Certification Card - Printed out and on phone.

My wish list is $500 for a computer.  Misc items are another $160.  Save a Dive Kit would come in at $10 to $20 plus the cost of a mask which is a big range.  Finally tools could cost me another $50.

In terms of prioritization, I will treat myself to a Shearwater Peregrine in the next couple of years.  I will get the Dive Log Pages and book at  my leisure.  I will also order the snap bolts.

I need to sell my SP Gadgets 53090 Aqua Bundle $50? and my Akona Commuter Backpack $50?

For my next salt water trip?  Start with dry bag and just have a ziplock in there with phone, etc.

S3 T3500 Watertight Case - $21.95 - for phone, keys, cash
Cressi 20L Dry Bag - $29.95 - for t-shirt, towel, misc; Buy from Coral Key on sale for $20.

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