Friday, July 09, 2021

Scuba Gear - Regulator Annual Service

I dropped my regulator off for servicing and unfortunately there were no parts kits available for my Aeris Ion second stage.  As a result, I opted to upgrade to a Scubapro S560 for $325.  Not a bad price and it pairs well with my MK25 first stage.

The rest of the service was getting expensive:
Reg Service - single stage 2 x $35 = $70
BCD Annual service 1 x $35 = $35
MK25 parts kit = $28
Atomic SS1 parts kit = $26
Sherwood Genesis Compass = $75 (I lost my compass in the Coral Sea during the 4th of July bash)
Subtotal = $234
less 20% discount = -$46.80

With the S560 and $34.09 tax, I came out at $546.29.  Not the end of the world and 7 years with the Aeris Ion before parts became unavailable is not bad.  I would have guessed 5-10 years.

I will likely move to every other year for annual service since I am now on the hook for parts kits everywhere anyway.  This should be $140 + $90 in parts kits.  Amortized to $115 per year.

I am still rethinking my kit and would like to get a wrist computer and stainless steel fin straps.  I will ask Freddy for recommendations on the straps.  Once I get a wrist computer, I will opt for a more streamlined spg.  Highland by XS Scuba is 2" and $99.95.

I have also come to realize that I have a plethora of extra hoses:

65 cm low pressure BCD
75 cm braided reg hose
65 cm braided BCD
95 cm braided yellow octo hose

MK25 SN 0707702919 (2 high pressure, 4 low pressure)
S560 SN 2137400057

on my reg the hoses are

65 cm atomic rubber hose
95 cm high pressure
75 cm scuba pro reg hose

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